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Online ballistics software, runs in a web browser.

Velocity Calculator

A simple online velocity calculator.


Free Ballistics Software for Windows, Linux and Mac

online external ballistics software x-ballistics

x-ballistics is a free online external ballistics programm.

no installation required, it runs in a browser, just click this Opens external link in new windowlink.

  • no need to know the muzzle velocity, simply can calculate from 2 points of impact
  • trajectory
  • sight settings
  • 3-DOF for bullets
  • 6-DOF for arrows
  • metric and imperial units
  • multilanguage: english and german
  • editor for reticle

Use at your own risk!

To store data, a registration is required.

Registered user can save your data.

The sourcecode of x-ballistics is under GPLv3.




Ballistic Software Arrowmatcher

Arrowmatcher is a ballistic application, released under the GPL. It is for Windows, Mac OS and Linux:


This is a simple tool for mainly crossbowarchers. But it can also used for rifles or other bullets. It can calculate the trajectory of arrows and a little bit more.

Everybody are welcome to post comments at the bottom of each page. Simply click the "new comment" link and a window with the uploadform appear.


Ballistic applications and know-how not only for crossbow archers: