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What is arrowmatcher

Arrowmatcher is a simple tool for crossbow archers. This ballistic program can calculate the speed, kinetic energy and the trajectory of an arrow (or bullet), and then use these values to calibrate the lead points of a crossbow's telescopic sight. Arrowmatcher can also be used for guns. The algorithm is the same.


Arrowmatcher is a Open Source Project available for free download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux:

Source for Windows, Linux and Mac OS

Executable for Windows

Please send me an email if you have problems to install it, or you miss some features, or problems to use it.
If you have troubles to install, please send me the output of the compiler:
Opens window for sending emailherbert(at)

Packages for some Linux Distributions

Binary Packages from third party

Arch Linux


  • Calculate the velocity and the kinetic energy of the arrow
  • Output of the trajectory as a table.
  • Output of the devitation of the arrow at a given range.
  • Output of the flighttime at a given range.
  • Output of the kinetic energy at a given range.
  • Support for telescopic sights with more than one crosshair.
  • Support for a Rear Sight and a Front Sight.